SEGA Teams at Trunk or Treat

The SEGA Difference:
SEGA is all about the family and what is best for each and every athlete.

Here is a few differences:
1) SEGA is all about what is best for your child. Not winning another Team Trophy. We get lots of them. It is about what is right.
We at SEGA move each child up when they are ready to move up. Not when another year passes by. This is for our Classes, Teams, :
Parkour, Pre-School,  :and all our programs.

2) SEGA goes out of our way to work with you and your family on scheduling. We work with you.  :This includes picking athletes up at schools in our SEGA Vans so they can make practice times, Working with them on homework, and so much more. It is SEGA.  :

3) Our Tutition is Month to Month, Not on SESSION. Our program is awesome. We do not need to hold your money Hostage. :  :  :
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SEGA SPORTS CENTER IS THE PLACE TO BE... Not only is our Gymnastics Program Top Notch but we offer so much more. Many new Options and Programs will be available STARTING AUG. 1, 2014. SEGA is also proud to announce many new upgrades to our facility. New vans for our Afterschool program, New and Better Parent viewing area. New equipment and so much more. :


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Register for one class and get the second class free!

SEGA is a Wifi hotspot. Come join us in our comfortable, spacious, air-conditioned parents area. Get some work done, join our Karate classes, or just enjoy watching your child workout. Everyone is welcome at SEGA.